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Daft Punk fanworks: fanart, fanfic, slash, crafts...
This community is brought to you by a mod & a veteran of capsdaftpunklol, as we were getting a lot of fan work (fics, drawings, etc.) that didn't really fit the theme of the community. Some people liked this, and others thought it should be only for things which are pure LOLZ. So instead of having people who came for the LOLZ feel alienated because the cute stuff wasn't 'funny', we didn't want to be a bitches to the people who made fan work either, so TA-DA! daftpunkkitchen! So you can be in the community you want to be in, or of course, both :)

Fan stuff theme:
Daft Punk obviously; robots, humans, and everything to do with them. But you can be flexible and post things about related bands. But especially if it involves Daft Punk somehow too!

What sort of stuff:
Fan art of any kind (drawing, painting, digital, sculpture etc.), writing, fan fiction (including slash), anything you've created really!

About LJ-cuts:
If your post is really huge, please consider putting most of it behind a cut. Use your own judgment about what's too big and what's not. We won't jump down your throats for it.

Adult Content:
Adult content is ok, but please put behind an cut and with a warning!

If something is just too appropriate to both daftpunkkitchen and capsdaftpunklol not to post it in both communities (eg. a lolzy Daft Punk drawing), please mention that it is cross-posted to avoid confusion.

General Disclaimer:
Obviously this community is not affiliated with Daft Punk in any way. It doesn't need to be said but Everything in this community is NOT REAL. We don't own Daft Punk, either. Although stealing their helmets is tempting.

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